Akbar Birbal Great Moral stories

Akbar Birbal Great Moral storiesl – You must have heard the stories of Great Akbar and Birbal,

Today I am going to present before you all a simple story of these two on this HindiKahanii platform.

So study carefully because you are going to enjoy a lot and you are going to learn something too.

Akbar emperor did not know what had happened, whenever he used to sit in his meeting, he used to keep asking some questions and asked more questions to Birbal because Birbal Emperor had some of the rest of Akbar’s ministers. He was very intelligent.

Birbal could solve the puzzle which none of the king’s ministers could solve.

Similarly one day Emperor Akbar was sitting in the court with all his ministers that a question came to his mind and asked Birbal to tell Birbal…

Where is god

What does god look like?

And what does God do?

Hearing this, Birbal was shocked that Badshah asked this, but Birbal did not give up and said that I will answer your question tomorrow.

Badshah Akbar – Okay.

Birbal went to his house and was disturbed and wandering all over the house, what will I answer tomorrow to Emperor Akbar, then his son came there and asked father, what is the matter, why are you so anxious, you tell me. I can help

Birbal explained the whole thing to his son and said that he could not understand what to do.

Birbal’s son listened to the whole thing carefully and after remaining silent for a while said that tomorrow you take me with you to the court, I will answer all their questions to the emperor.

Birbal refused to take his son to the court what you would do there. But after the son said so much, Birbal agreed to him.

And as soon as dawn, Birbal Badshah attended the court of Akbar with his son.

Badshah Akbar said on seeing Birbal, you should have brought the answer to the question, have you not?

Birbal – Badshah, my son is also able to answer this small question.

Badshah Akbar – Good, tell me,

Where is god

Birbal’s son asked Badshah Akbar to “ask for a glass of milk mixed with sugar” to answer this question.

Badshah asked for milk.

The boy asked Emperor Akbar, whether the emperor has got sugar in this milk glass?

The king said – yes,

The boy then asked, is he seen in milk?

Badshah said no, the boy said that in exactly the same way God is everywhere, in every particle, I am in you, but he is not visible.

Badshah Akbar, accepting this answer of the boy, put his second question in front of the boy…

What does god look like?

The boy asked the emperor Akbar to get a bowl of curd, the emperor asked for the curd.

The boy again asked the emperor, “Is there butter in this curd?”

The king replied, “Yes, but curd will have to be churned to remove butter”. The boy replied that just after churning, only God can be seen.

Badshah paused his next question in front of the boy while praising Birbal’s son.

What does god do

The boy replied – “Badshah for that you will have to accept me as your Guru for a while”, Badshah Akbar said, “Okay, you are my Guru and I am your disciple.”

The boy said to the emperor, the Guru’s place is always above the disciple, the emperor immediately left his throne for the boy and himself went down and sat down at the boy’s place.

The boy said to the emperor that this is what God does.

What did the king ask? I did not understand anything.

The boy replied “in a moment the task of making a king into a rake and a rake to a king”.

Pleased with every answer from the son of Emperor Birbal, he left him with a lot of money and a lot of prizes.

Lesson – God is present everywhere, there is a lizard sitting inside all of us, if there is a need, then we have to recognize Him inside us.

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