Success for successful Man and Human Luck

Success Path – Learning (How to do Business)

There was a place where there were two swimming pools. One of them contained deep water in the swimming pool and shallow water in the other swimming pool. Many people were swimming in that deep water. 3 people were sitting on one side of that deep water swimming pool. And these three people were sitting and thinking something inside themselves.

The first of them was wondering how the people who are there are able to swim? There is so much water, how are they able to swim up? There was a fear in his mind that I went and I could not swim and what would happen if I drowned?

Success for successful Man

Leave my what will happen to my family? In this way, he never tried to swim. This is the path that leads to guaranteed failure. What is its root? So the root of this is that without trying “it is difficult”.

He thought this and this thing is difficult and that thing became impossible in his mind. That is why he never tried to swim.

The other one who is there saw people swimming in deep water. Mind started thinking what is this thing, how easy it is. He did not know swimming, yet he started thinking that only he had to shake hands and feet. I will do better than them.

After thinking this he stood up and jumped into the swimming pool. People swimming in the swimming pool rescued him and took him out.

After he survived, he got scared about swimming. And he also never tried to swim for a lifetime after that. It is also the path that leads to guaranteed failure.

There is a path between these two paths which leads to success. That means third. He also saw all those people who were swimming in the swimming pool but he did not get scared like the previous one.

He said that when these people can swim, why don’t I? They also have two hands, I also have two hands, so why don’t I? But he did not jump straight like the other one.

He first asked people who know swimming how did you start learning swimming? Then those people indicated that we started in that shallow water.

He understood his words. And started practicing in shallow water. He was not afraid of dying in shallow water.

Then he started trying to swim in deep water. He did not go straight inside. But started swimming towards the swimming pool. And later started swimming under water. While doing this, he went swimming. This is the right path to success.

Learning of the story: “If you learn a task without fear and in the right way, then you can learn that work and get success in it. No matter how difficult it may be. “


In one place there was a very big palace-like house. It had a lot of cars and everything that a rich man would have.

It was the home of a billionaire. He had a child. Joe Heroes used to go to school in a big car. When he used to go in a big car. Then a poor child would see every day. His house was also in front of him.

Whenever he went to school, he would see him in the car and think, why do I not have such a car? Why does my father own a scooter?

Now seeing this, you will think that the rich father’s child is very lucky.

But we see the second part of it. When the poor child played happily together with his friends. Then that rich kid stood in a balcony and watched everyday. Then there was water in his eye.

Poor children have fewer toys. But even then he used to play with other children with great pleasure.

Even though that rich kid had a lot of toys, he was sad. He could not play with poor children even because he was rich and for many reasons like security etc.

You tell me who is lucky? That poor kid or rich kid?

Now we look at its third dice. When that child sat playing. Then he looked at her big house and thought how lucky that rich boy is!

Now tell me who is really lucky?

Lesson of the story: “You are lucky when you believe that I have it. When you think that I do not have it then you are not lucky.

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