Village Friend’s Inspirational story Zero to Millionaire

Village the name when we hear as soon as a picture starts to form in our mind, there is a lot of work, lack of resources and facilities, in the same way this is the village of our story .

Two friends lived in a village. Both friends used to do nothing but just sit and spend the whole day. Then a friend saw that the women of the village used to take a pot of water to fill water 2 kilometers away because there was a drought in that village.

There was a river 2 kilometers away. She used to come from there. Even then the water used to run out. That is why water had to be filled again and again. Then that friend said that we will bring water from the river to the village.

People needed water. Therefore, his work got underway. He would take 25 rupees from the people and give water instead. On the first day, he brought 10 pots, then he brought 20 pots and while doing so, he started bringing 40 pots in 1 day.

10 years passed while doing so. Then the friend among them who gave the idea to do this work told his friend that we are still young, tomorrow we also have to be old, then how will we survive? We should do something else. How long will we do this work?

Then another friend said that we are earning now, are we not? Then he will see and he postpones the matter. The friend said that I have to do it. And he started thinking about doing something else. He reached another village.

There he saw a mud jug made between the river and the village. There was a section like tap in it. There was a cloth in it because at that time there was nothing like tap. Water used to come through him.

This is a good thing he said. He thought that if it can be made in this village, then if I make such a pipeline in my village, then I can give a pot full of water while sitting in the village.

English stories: Real Life Inspirational Stories Zero To Millionaire

He told this to his other friend. Another friend said that you know how many problems will come. Sometimes the pipelines would be broken or the pebbles would get stuck, and he started talking about problems.

One Friend had a thousand reasons to postpone the work when another friend had the same reason to do the work that I want to build this pipeline.

He then talked to Kumbhar and in 3 months made a pipeline from a very long river to the village. He faced many problems but he faced all those problems.

After the construction of the pipeline, his work went on. He started taking only 10 rupees to fill the water because there was no going to fill the water and he could fill as many pots as he could in one day.

The work of that other friend stopped the very next day. The friend who built this pipeline, a few days later, many people from other villages started coming to him and said that make such a pipeline for us too. He started making pipelines for them as well and started taking money. By doing so, he became the richest of not only that town but the entire 10 villages.

Gradually he started many new innovative ideas in business and soon he became a millionaire.


“We should keep doing something new. We should not be afraid to face problems. ”

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